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HURA 2015-2016 Events

We meet on Friday evenings once a month at the Croatian Embassy (address/map) in Washington, DC. Please join our mailing list for details. We also organize special events. HURA is always open to suggestions for guest speakers or performers. See our full schedule below for a complete calendar of meetings.

Join us at following


April 22 from 9am to 5pm - 1st ACAP Conference, Washington DC, Hosted by Croatian Embassy and HURA

June 3 at 7pm - 1st ACAP Conference, Dino Mihanovic, Political Officer at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia will give a lecture entitled - Exploring America on the Road: a Month Long Journey across the Country (and Back).

June 17 at 7 pm - A HURA member, Mr. Igor Boras will remind us of recent war events by presenting a lecture entitled The Siege of Sarajevo through the Eyes of a Survivor.


Open Registration for ACAP Meeting: April 22nd

We Welcome You to Register.